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BBQ Proper wants you to know more about us to entice you to come & taste the splendor of great BBQ and try some other unique, delicious items as well.

Our Evolution

Serving the best BBQ & Sides since 2017

After moving to North Carolina in January of 2000, my friends & I would talk BBQ when we got together. The more we talked about it, the more we wanted to take action.  So, in 2011, we began entering BBQ competitions, The better we did, the more I knew I wanted to open a place of my own. I was drawn back into the restaurant business as I began managing Ladyfinger’s Caterers for my sister in law and her husband in 2013.  I brought in BBQ and comfort sides which are still staples on their menu today.  My passion for smoked meats overtook me and I left a few years ago to start BBQ Proper.  My specialty is my Bleu Cheese Brisket, dry rubbed and smoked for 12 hours with bleu cheese crumbles on top.  I have various options with smoked pulled pork, baby back ribs, smoked whole chicken wings, smoked chicken salad and Carolina Egg Rolls (smoked pulled pork mixed with homemade pimento cheese for filling).  My comfort sides are takes on my nana’s, mama and daddy’s recipes.  Culinary home schooling I like to call it.   From Ham hock Green Beans to Doctored Baked Beans, Bleu Cheese Slaw to French Fries and Onions, I took what I’d learned on the farm and gave it a little twist to go with my food trailer theme.   BBQ Proper has received many positive reviews since it’s beginning and now has more than a few dedicated followers.

Rob Henson


I was born and raised in Moultrie, Georgia.  I attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a Finance/Business Degree.  Growing up in South Georgia, we never had any great BBQ debate.  It was always charcoal or wood and tomato-based sauce.  I found out different upon moving to North Carolina in January of 2000.  My friends and I had been entering in BBQ competitions about 2011 around North Carolina and wound up taking home a few 1st place trophies. Inspired to bring that great tasting BBQ to the public, I opened BBQ Proper in April of 2017 & have enjoyed the ride ever since..

BBQ Proper
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