BBQ Proper is a mobile food trailer operating in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. We’re serving up everything from ribs, to chicken, to brisket- made with love and Rob Henson’s many years of experience.

Raised in Georgia, Rob Henson, Pitmaster at Ladyfingers of Raleigh, knows his way around a pit- a BBQ pit, that is.

Rob started cooking BBQ on a homemade brick oven smoker, modeling the design after a small pull-behind metal smoker his dad gave him. He soon started experimenting with various woods, meats and seasonings, all to the delight of his neighbors. Pretty soon it was whole hogs for block parties and “Hey, Rob, whatcha cooking this week?”

Thirteen years and thousands of ribs, chickens, Boston butts and briskets later, BBQ Proper has arrived in Raleigh.